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About CANY
    Cany Precision Instruments Co. Ltd company is one of the biggest specialized enterprises in domestic selling market including all kinds development and application of new hi-tech, putting science and technology on the first place, and offers all kinds of precision instruments.

    With our continuously research and development, The main products have developed from only optical instruments such as microscope, tool microscope and projector to present 18 categories sclerometer, measuring thickness, magnifying glass, balance and instruments of mapping, measuring, experiment, electricity, chemistry, physics, analysis, biochemistry, medical care, processing including more than 170 items. We totally have 1800 products in precision instruments selling market.

    All kinds of instruments products can be widely used in measuring, industry measuring, pharmacy, refining sugar, petroleum, chemical industry, food, hospital, light industry, iron and steel, textile, building materials, sewage disposal, environment measuring, project construction and some other trades. Our products are popular not only in domestic market but American Japan, Korea and Vietnam as well.

    We lay stress on the quality and the craft level of the products during the process of our development and we must supply the qualified, the most excellent and reliable products to our clients, which are carefully set up and tested by our professional technical personnel.

    Our company employs a group of specialists with advanced technical title who provide guidelines and the experts, special talents who engage in different kinds of engineering technologies, among them, the advanced technicians have been involving in the field of instruments design, improvement for more than 40 years will provide the complete and professional services to customers. Meanwhile, according to the different demand of overseas and domestic customers, our company will provide with corresponding technological design, improvement and upgrade on different instruments, as well as the best resolving plan and technical service. The management group is composed of overseas and domestic experts. People with Bachelor's Degree account for 77%, who guarantee the professional before-sale and after-sale services completely.

     Based on science and technology, Cany accelerates the development of precision instruments in Chinese market relying on the top technique, the first-rank products and the best services and maintains to keep pace with international advanced level in this business field. Cany is willing to cooperate widely and substantially with all enterprises engaging in producing and selling precision instruments to realize the win-win target and develop Chinese precision instruments industry together.

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